Sport 48, Falcon 50 differences

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Sport 48, Falcon 50 differences

Postby ajleone » Wed Feb 05, 2014 8:52 pm

I started this thread to capture some of the sublet differences in the 48cc models. Welcome any input, photos, conversations, etc.

There seems to be quiet a wide variation with the 50cc 2-strokes. From what I can tell these differences are:
Seat - single seat or sport saddle
Side boxes
Carb air box
handle bars or clipons
Shrouded engine (which I think is the later model years)
internal or external coil
tail light

Here is a pic of John Walsh's Sport 48 - note the seat, air filter.

JW Sport 48

Here is a pic of a Falcon 50 I purchased. The tank appears to be a Cadet tank, which I am replacing with the Falcon tank, similar to the 250 NC Scrambler tanks (mounting is very different) - note the shrouded tank, seat, air filter, tail light. Also, this bike has an external coil, the green label one used in some of the early 250's

Falcon 50

Here's a pic of another version of the Sport 48 - this is one that was in Carlo Saltarelli's collection and sold in 2012. Completely different tank, air box and this one has clipon's.

Sport 48 - version 2


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