back from IOM 2015

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back from IOM 2015

Postby Scrambler » Wed Jul 01, 2015 6:36 pm

Just got back from Isle of Man. It was beyond all my expectations. The Island was beautiful, friendly people everywhere. The course was amazing, besides riding it on our rentals bikes we took a tour with Philip McCallen. We rode along in a small tour bus while he narrated every turn and twist. It is beyond comprehension how they keep all the corners and off cambers in focus as they fly through these narrow streets and roads. The bus ride at 50mph was scary let alone running at over 180 mph on a bike. Riding around the island was a little daunting given first time to be riding on the left and most people were riding like they were in the race.
Staying in the TT Village in the "Snooze Box" was actually really nice. Tiny room, actually a shipping container, but it had air and heat and a nice size bathroom and a flat screen TV. Even if only one person could stand up at a time due to no floor space. It did look a little like Stalag 13 from the outside. They made up the room every day and beds were great. Quite surprising. The location could not have been better, the pits were only a 5 minute walk, beer tent was even closer :D
We had a week of practice and saw the final on Sunday. Each day we would ride to a different spot to watch before they closed the road/course.
Everywhere you went it was nothing but bikes and people talking bikes.
Already planning to go back next year and keep the bikes for an extended tour before and after the TT.
Oh and Okells Bitters was the best beer we had on the entire trip...................

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Re: back from IOM 2015

Postby Dave450 » Sun Jul 12, 2015 9:59 am

Glad you enjoyed the TT and the Island, Scrambler. It really is unlike anything else, isn't it? The whole island, an entire country, devotes itself to hosting the greatest road race in the world, not just once but twice every year. If you enjoy bikes, you're in nirvana. I've been lucky enough to live 3 hrs boat ride and 30 mins flight time from it, and have been privileged to spectate and compete there over the years. Philip McCallen is a very approachable fella who now owns a bike shop in Northern Ireland, and quite a few of us know him to chat to. He was also madman on a bike and he never failed to entertain.

I didn't know about the TT Village - I haven't been back to the Island for some years and that seems like a great find. Did you see any classic Dukes on display or being ridden? If you plan to go next year, you could consider the Classic TT in the latter half of August, when you will see a lot more classics on the road and of course being raced. It is a smaller event than the TT but more intimate and easier to get around.

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Re: back from IOM 2015

Postby Bevel bob » Mon Sep 07, 2015 11:43 am

I too have just got back from the IOM ClassicTT, Fantastic to see Doug Snow on the LAcey 350 Narrow case on the Podium ,3rd place at an average speed of 97+ mph. Fast and reliable putting lots of proper race bikes in the shade.I had a great time riding my 250 NC round the Island and did 12 laps of the Jurby airfield circuit too, The little Duke got lots of attention and behaved well revving to 10,000 down the long back straight, I even managed to aviate it over some Kerbs that I mistook for white lines!, Just as well i had the damper on a bit. The Island is a very special place , wonderfull pretty roads ,great pubs, sunny and dry the whole time. Unbeatable.

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