Motorgiro USA Fall 2016 Report

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Motorgiro USA Fall 2016 Report

Postby Snakeoil » Mon Sep 26, 2016 3:37 pm

Rode the Motogiro this weekend. It was based in Brattleboro, VT and the event thru us into VT, MA and NH. Roads were amazing and I had a ball, in spite of riding with my broken little piggy. Rode my 305 Honda Scrambler after the venue was announced. Had initially registered with my CB160 but felt the bigger engine was better suited to the mountainous terrain.

I think the final count was 84 riders. Overall winner was on an S90 Honda. They are the perfect bike for the ability tests. Larry Crow won with a score of under 2 seconds. The scores are getting to be amazing. I was in 3rd for my class after Sat. with a score of 2.001. But I blew the first ability test Sun morning. Have not seen the final results yet. Should have those in a few days.

Dave Roper was there this time riding his Airone. It was puking so much oil that his rear tire was shiny. The bike has shouldered rims and the rear wheel had a pool of oil on each side of the reduces spoke center. Somebody asked Dave how much oil he feed the bike over the course of the two days and he figured about a gallon. And Dave rides like he’s at Daytona. I could not believe the oiled rear tire did not bother him. I asked his brother Doug if the oil tire was not a concern for Dave and all Doug said was, “I guess not”.

No time checks across the course this year. Hard to get volunteers. So, they made the routes longer. Sat AM was just over 100 miles. PM was 91 miles. Sunday AM was 78 miles and PM was 46. So, that is 315 miles over the two days. I think that is the first time the Giro has been over 300 miles.

No crashes were reported. Several bikes came in on the trailer. Tommy Cotter took first in his class, which I think was an 180 Suzuki in spite of it dying 25 miles from the finish. His brother had a hold down strap on his bike and he towed Tommy the 25 miles back. No ability test at the end so he was able to come in on-time and take the 200cc class. He also got the “Snatched Victory from the Jaws of Death” award.

It was chilly both mornings with a frost advisory for Sun AM. Many riders did not bring the proper gear and were frozen. I talked to one rider Sun night who was headed to Walmart for a pair of insulated work gloves.

The bikes spanned the gambit of marques. BMW, Ducati, Benelli, Motobi, Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha, Kawi, Zundapp, Puch (Sears), EML (BMW), Ducati, Moto Guzzi, NSU, Gilera, and probably others I cannot remember.

Here is a link to a Photobucket album of pics snapped during the two days. That line of handsome gents with the black shirts on is Team Sons of Arthritis, Ibuprofen Chapter. We took second place team. Team Red, White and Blue Smoke took first. ... iro%202016


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Re: Motorgiro USA Fall 2016 Report

Postby Barnwell » Wed Sep 28, 2016 3:29 pm

Would echo all the above. Here I am with my 66 Scrambler at the Sunday lunch break: ... Giro-M.jpg

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