Concerning Alternator-units of various Mototrans Duc.Motors

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Concerning Alternator-units of various Mototrans Duc.Motors

Postby DewCatTea-Bob » Sat Jan 15, 2011 3:29 am

____ This post includes a quoted-post by Jon (which was in response to other posts within the thread titled: "On using GM HEI ignition modules", which is currently on page-1 of the 'Ducati Singles Talk' section), so it's somewhat possible that ya -(the reader) may have a response to Jon's post -(here below) which may possibly be better addressed & placed within that other thread. _ (That's very likely not the case here this time but, I feel the need to mention it because in future cases when I may do this (post-reproduction inside a New-thread process) again, such a possibility ought be more likely !)
__ Jon's personal response (to a general-plea for information about the 12v-electrics of some of the later Mototrans Duc.models), was even supplemented with additional info, which is always extra nice to have included (so long as it's Duke-related) !
__ While much of the offered information is of little actual use for those of us who only have Italian-made DUKEs which were imported into the U.S.A., the details given by Jon can be of very useful pertinence to those of us in Spain & other countries which may have imported Mototrans-produced Duc.Singles !
__ Read onward.....

Jon Pegler wrote:Mototrans produced a number of different alternators that would give 12 volts by simply wiring up a 12 volt regulator.
These were made in both widecase and narrowcase format. (Either 3 screw fixing for narrowcase or 4 screw fixing for widecase)
Some were fully encapsulated in plastic resin and some had exposed coils.
The narrowcase ones were fitted to some of their later machines, certainly the 24 Horas and Elite V5 and possibly some of the Road models. These usually have a six magnet aluminium rotor.
The widecase alternators fitted to the Strada, Forza and Vento models also come with both the plastic encapsulated or exposed coils but have different flywheels.
These flywheels require a different extractor to remove them. It uses a 33x1mm MALE thread, unlike the more usual 55x1 or 62x1 FEMALE threaded extractor.
Just to confuse the issue, there are also widecase Motoplat flywheels that use a 62x1.25 thread on the extractor.
The early Forza flywheels also have a ring gear for the electric starter fitted. These are built up flywheels like the parallel twin Ducatis, with magnets cast into an aluminium ring and a seperate centre and ring gear.
If I could suss out how to post a few photos, I could show pictures of some of these Motoplat alternator variations as I have probably got examples of all of them.


____ That would be great Jon ! ...
It would be very nice of you to allow the rest of us to see any pictures which you're able to submit for display here (within this thread) !
____ And for anyone else who's not clear on exactly how to submit your intended pictures along-with your post here (at this, here's the method I suggest (so as to not somehow loose your post-wording in the process)...
__ After you've safely gotten your text posted, (and you're still logged-in at this, note the 'EDIT' button (directly to the Right of your post's Title), included on your post-page (which you wish to add digital-pictures to), and click on that edit-button,
then scroll-down towards the bottom of the presented page (which allows for editing), and click on the 'Upload attachment' button...
You will then be presented with a 'Browse' button of which clicking-on will then provide the means to locate any pictures which you already have stored (in some folder) within your PC.
After you've double-clicked on a chosen picture*, you may add a 'File comment' and then click-on the button: 'Add the file' .
You may repeat that process twice more (for 3 pix per post),
and when you're ready to finally add your pictures to your post, you can then click on the 'Submit' button, which will then present you with your (completed) posting, just as usual.
(* Keep in mind that the first added picture/file will end-up placed in the bottom-position [in the case of more than one picture per post].)

PLEASE NOTE... If this-post is not-yet signed-off with '-Bob', then I'm still in the process of completing it,, and if not also included with 'DCT' near bottom as well, then I may edit this post's wording at a later time. - Dct.Bob

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