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Forum Rules and Report Button: Read Before Posting

Posted: Mon Nov 02, 2009 1:11 am
by JimF
Posting on is a privilege, not a right.

Due to a barrage of spammers this forum is closed for new registrations except for those people willing to take the time to justify their interest in Ducati motorcycles.

If you have a legitimate interest in Ducati singles send an email to "" with your name and some information about your interest.

We reserve the right to edit and/or delete your posts and/or ban you from this forum without prior warning.

It is your responsibility to read and follow these rules.

Three Main Rules:

1.Ducati-related content ONLY. No off-topic posts allowed.

2. No "for sale" or "want to buy" type posts in the Ducati Singles Talk Forum, they belong in the For Sale Forum or Parts for Sale Forum.

General Dos and Don'ts

* DO take administrator and moderator warnings seriously.
* DON'T use the Forums for personal conversation or argument; use "email" or the "pm" (private message) buttons that are shown with every post.
* DON'T abuse site members on the forums, or through email or private messages.

Posting Messages Dos and Don'ts

* Use the search button before posting; your question may have been answered.
* DON'T post nudity, graphic images, or NSFW (Not Safe For Work) links.
* DON'T post personal attacks based on sexual preference, religion, nationality, race, etc.
* DON'T post abusive, inflammatory, or threatening messages
* DON'T use obscene or abusive language or images in avatars, usernames, or signatures, and no animated avatars or graphics are allowed
* DON'T use insult or ridicule other members in your avatar or signature, this includes using another member's picture as your avatar
* DON'T post links to online ads in the main Ducati Singles Talk Forum unless the purpose is to highlight something that is misrepresented, involves possible fraud, or repro parts or cars that are listed as real: ads or links to ads should be posted in the For Sale or Parts/Accessories For Sale Forum.
* DON'T post someone else’s full address or phone number without their permission
* DON'T post complaints about a forum or moderator; contact them by email or Private Message.
* DON'T "cross post", which is posting the same message in two Forums, so please no events posts or "for sale" or "want to buy" posts in the main Ducati Singles Talk Forum.
* DON'T publicly post email addresses in response to someone asking for contact information for a member. Automated "spambots" scour the web for addresses and will pick them up and use them to spam that person. Instead, use the "email" or "pm" button associated with every post to contact the poster directly.

As a general policy, we discuss moderation-related topics only via private contact

Forum Etiquette Dos and Don'ts

* DO lurk before you post. Read the rules and some existing threads. Locate the search button at the top of the page and use as needed.
* DO respect other people's time and bandwidth, you are not the center of cyberspace
* DO use the private message button or email for personal discussions
* DO help ensure a useful post or thread
* DO stay on topic
* DO use a clear subject line; subjects like "LOL" or "Look at This!" are unacceptable
* DO provide enough details or pictures in your question so that people can help you
* DO help others. A forum is a community which works best when people share information
* DO welcome newcomers to this community and correct mistakes in a courteous manner
* DO think before you type; remember you are dealing with real people and you are not anonymous
* DON'T abuse the quote button; include only as much as is necessary for context. This includes pictures
* DON'T use excessive punctuation, smilies, annoying or unreadable text colors, or bold text
* DON'T post in ALL CAPS, this means you are yelling
* DON'T use repetitive punctuation like "!!!@@ LOOK @@!!!" or !!!WOW!!! or HELP??????.

For Sale Dos and Don'ts

* DON'T post items for sale in Ducati Singles Talk Forum, use the For Sale or Parts/Accessories For Sale Forum.
* DON'T "cross post": for example, making post in Ducati Singles Talk Forum saying you just posted an item for sale in the For Sale or Parts/Accessories For Sale Forum. This is called "cross posting", posting the same message in two Forums, and is not allowed
* DON'T post in Ducati Singles Talk Forum saying you just put an item for sale on ebay, craigslist, or anywhere online, post in the For Sale or Parts/Accessories For Sale Forum.
* DO post in the Ducati Singles Talk Forum if you are replying to someone else's post about a part or problem and you want to state that you carry the part and what the price is.

Use the REPORT button
There is a report button in the upper right corner of each post. If you see an avatar, signature, photo or text that violates the site rules or you would just like the administrators to review it, PLEASE report it. Only the administrators can see reported posts and we really appreciate the help. There are hundreds of new posts each day and we can't see everything. We depend on everybody to keep these forums a useful resource for Ducati Single Cylinder Motorcycle enthusiasts. (If there is no report button it means that post has already been reported.)

You can be banned from the Motoscrubs Forums for violating any of the posted rules, or ignoring specific instructions from the administrator or any moderator.

By using this forum you agree to hold blameless and without responsibility for any trauma experienced here. reserves the right to update these rules without notice.