Narrowcase clutch pushrod

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Narrowcase clutch pushrod

Postby ranton_rambler » Sun Aug 26, 2018 4:05 pm

Anyone know the correct length of the clutch pushrod assembly in a narrowcase 175?
This bit was all bagged-up when I got mine, and now that I'm putting it back together, it seems too long.
There are 3 sections of rod, whereas the parts book shows 2 sections, plus 2 balls.
With the clutch centre screw adjusted to 3mm as the book says, the selector box won't fit on, as the clutch arm hits it.
With the clutch arm positioned to let the selector box fit, the centre screw is only about 2 threads into the cover.
I have some balls I can use (same as head bearings I think) but I will then have a little piece of rod left over!

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Re: Narrowcase clutch pushrod

Postby Samurai » Mon Aug 27, 2018 5:53 am

Mine has two sections of rod and two balls as per the manual and works fine. Maybe the bagged parts included a spare section of rod that the previous owner had just stuck in there and the balls had gone missing?

Whatever, I'd go by the manual, the two sections of rod are different lengths, one long and the one nearest the pushrod arm quite short. The short section on the far right of the pic looks too long to me and I think is extraneous. Try just the left hand pair with the balls as the manual and that should be correct.

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Re: Narrowcase clutch pushrod

Postby LaceyDucati » Mon Aug 27, 2018 10:36 am

The narrowcase rod is 156mm and the nose (rounded end) is 33mm (from memory). The five speed also has 2 x 3/16"/5mm balls and 1 x roller and as far as i remember the 4 speed has one less ball or roller (don't work on many 4 speed engines). I can check the parts book if you haven't got a reference.

The short rod in your picture is definitely a wrong spurious component!

Regards Nigel

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Re: Narrowcase clutch pushrod

Postby ranton_rambler » Tue Aug 28, 2018 9:03 pm

Thanks both. Didn't get chance to look at it last night, but pushed the bits out again tonight and measured lengths.
Long piece is 156mm, end piece with the hemispherical end is 33mm. The "extra" piece is 19mm, and one end is slightly domed. The long piece appears to be indented on one end, as if it's been up against the domed end of the extra piece.
I took 2 balls from the head race kit (awaiting time to fit to frame) and re-assembled as per the book. I think these balls are the same size, but now seems too short. I don't know what the throw will be when operated, but looks as if the cup in the arm will touch the seal when pulled in. Maybe I can screw the adjuster in a bit more to give enough space?
My only other thought is that the pivot pin (and arm to a lesser extent) was very badly worn, so perhaps the extra piece was put in to compensate. New pin fitted now, although I have re-used the arm. Or I've put something together wrong, but can think what.....
Off on holiday on Thursday, so won't be looking at it now for a couple of weeks.


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