250 narrowcase rear axle orientation info needed

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250 narrowcase rear axle orientation info needed

Postby JimF » Fri Jun 08, 2018 12:34 am

I know, horizontal....

But I did not pay attention when I took the old bearings out.

I am getting ready to put in a new bearing on the brake drum side of the rear hub.

Between the bearings the axle which is shouldered becomes captive.

I just realized that the axle is about 9mm longer (0.325 inches) on one side of its collared shaft than the other. I suspect the longer side of the axle goes through the cush drive/sprocket flange side given the added depth of that assembly, but my suspicions and sound logic are only right about half the time.

Would someone advise me if the longer side of the axle goes towards the sprocket flange or the brake assembly.



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Re: 250 narrowcase rear axle orientation info needed

Postby Bevel bob » Fri Jun 08, 2018 4:09 am

Hi Jim, I had my rear hub to bits recently (can't remember which way the axle went! dont think mine has a shoulder at all) but had some interesting information from Nigel Lacey on hubs ,it would be usefull for you to look up the posts(28.3 2018). I initially thought my spacer too short (which would allow the bearings to jam under the axial loading of the axle being tightened), I then found the spacer was long and did not allow the bearings to fully seat in the housing, Getting it perfect was beyond me ,so I left it long. the lesser of 2 evils?. One of the bearings was a bit loose in the housing and was fitted with locktite, have to keep an eye on that.Just remembered ,my spacer just a plain bit of tube!.Look out for fine cracks in the alloy housing around bearing, not acceptable.

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