Monza 250 - 12 volt with Dyna Booster and points?

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Re: Monza 250 - 12 volt with Dyna Booster and points?

Postby ducwiz » Sun Jun 03, 2018 9:05 am

Ducati claimed 60W for the ground-connected 6V system, which is a gross or nominal value. It neglects the losses in the rectifier diodes and the contact resistances in all the pin-socket connections of the load circuits, which are caused mainly by corrosion of the contact elements.
6Volt/60Watt equals roughly 10Amp output current. The 2 power diodes in the R-R take ~0.6-1.0 Volt alternately, so max. 6-10Watt are lost, because there is always only a single diode in the electric current path.
If you convert to 12 Volt, a bridge rectifier circuit is used inside the new R-R. This means you always have 2 diodes connected in series in the output current path. This will double the power loss in the R-R. But - losses in all your participating pin-socket connections (the ign. switch as well!) will be strongly reduced. With 12 Volt all load currents are cut in half, and in turn all resistive contact losses are quartered (power = current^2 * resistance).

I never converted an old 60W system to 12V, as I did not and still do not own a n/c single, but I helped to convert the bikes of several friends. I personally made this on the 75 or 90W systems of the w/c Mk3s and Scramblers. Measured power loss due to the conversion was very low, a few Watts only.

cheers Hans

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