Shopping for front and rear tires

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Re: Shopping for front and rear tires

Postby halfpast » Sun May 27, 2018 6:08 pm

ranton_rambler wrote:I was going to put Pirelli City Demon on my 175, as price seems good and tread pattern is not too modern looking. Alternative might have been Michelin City Pro which are similar price here in UK, but having seen the Metzeler ME22 on a little Honda tonight I might have a change of mind.

I got the Michelin City Pro for my cafe 250 NC off eBay for super cheap (US seller and I'm also in the US)...modern tread pattern but that doesn't bother me much. I have abut 150 miles on them and they've been great so far.

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Re: Shopping for front and rear tires

Postby Samurai » Sun May 27, 2018 6:48 pm

That's good to know Ranton!

I asked for advice at my local bike shop in Taunton yesterday, when picking up my Monster from it's MOT and they said that providing there was enough clearance, then there should be no problem doing the same thing. It widens my choice of tyres and going up to a 3.00 on the rear will help to keep the thing visually balanced, too. I measured up this evening and I didn't think that there'd be a clearance issue, so your post was additional comfort :lol:

Just waiting for my son to drill out a couple of holes in the brake lever mounting of the period MV handlebars I picked up, so I can fix my choke lever on. Then I can make up some proper cables, fit tyres and get mine on the road. It fires up when I get the technique right, but I really need to get it running on the road under load, so that I can tune the carb properly.

Getting close now, my aim is to be on the road by the end of June so I can bug fix and register for the Giro d'Italia next year :D .

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