Wotcha from me...

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Wotcha from me...

Postby joolstacho » Mon Feb 12, 2018 9:16 am

Hi lads, an intro from me - Jools.
I bought a new 450 r/t (series 1) from the ol' rogue Ron Angel in Melbourne in the early nineteen seventies.
After plenty of use and abuse I later sold it, (and regained the use of my left ankle!) But then in the 1990's I bought this series 2 R/T from my buddy Tony. A few years ago I sold it on to another good mate in Perth, 'Seal', who's a bit of a Ducati nut, having a Panigale and a Testrastretta 1200 something or other. (Seal has a better back than I!) He loves it, but I had sold it to him without getting it running.

Last week Mary and I got to cross the continent from Melbourne to Perth for a quick holiday and I was able to re-acquaint with my old 450. I made the time to get the R/T running for Seal, and it was great to see the glint in his eyes as he finally saw/heard it running. I got the reward which consisted of a bit of a drink, but more importantly, a ride on Seal's Panigale (before I had too much to drink I might add!)

And WOW! that Panigale sure does GO! Pure sex!



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