125 Sport year of production?

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125 Sport year of production?

Postby LexH » Thu Jan 19, 2017 9:14 am

I've just acquired this rather nice 125 Sport. The papers that came with it variously describe it as 1962 or 1963, but my research indicates it could be a later production. Engine no. is DM125S/1 207282 and frame no. is DM125S/1 207006 IGM1004-OM.

According to Robert Miller on the Bevelheaven list, 207xxx puts the year at 1963.

But according to Ian Falloon in "The book of Ducati OHC singles", the DM125S/1 stamp and the IGM 1004 OM homogolation stamp first appeared sometime in 1965, and from 1965 - 1967 the frame numbers ran from about 206000 to 208000. So if that's correct, it would put frame no. 207006 at about 1966?

Anyone have any more info?

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Ducati 125 Sport

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