Tyres for 175 Sport

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Tyres for 175 Sport

Postby LexH » Wed Sep 07, 2016 6:09 am

Hi all,

Just wanting to get some thoughts on tyres for my 1958 175 Sport. It currently has Metzeler ME22s fitted front and rear, 2.75-18 on the front and 3.00-18 on the rear. These were on the bike when I bought it a couple of years ago. They are near new in terms of tread wear, but could possibly be up to about 10 years old, maybe more, I don't know really.

Anyway, whilst doing some spirited riding in the 2016 Motogiro d'Italia earlier this year I noticed the rear tyre breaking away several times in corners. This was on good smooth dry paved roads and not cranked over excessively, certainly nothing grounding not even the dual Silentiums which are infamous for hitting the deck.

I weigh 90kg so not a lightweight, and run about 32psi in the front and 32-34psi in the back. Anything less in the back seems to result in a bit of a squirming feel, not precise. There is no swingarm play that I can feel, and front and rear suspension seem fine.

I reckon the age of the tyres is probably not a good thing so it's time to replace I guess. I was wondering what people think of the ME22s, they seem to be well considered by others I've spoken to so I was surprised by the loss of adhesion at moderate cornering speeds. Would it be just the age of the rubber, and can I expect better grip from new ones, or is there a better choice in tyres?

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