Monza front wheel asssembly

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Monza front wheel asssembly

Postby Medoro » Tue Mar 13, 2018 9:10 pm

OK so now I have an idea on how much torque to use on the nut.
After assembly I have a slight gap between the fork and the speedo side end cover.
I know it's wrong. The wheel is free, the brake works, if I loosen the axle nut I can slide the whole works back and forth so it's not binding up.
Yes I had the whole guts out to clean and repack the bearings and it all went back in the same order as removal.
Did I not get the bearings in the right spots ? I made sure they didn't pinch the spacer bar in between.
I'm at a bit of a loss on this.
This whole project is one forward and two back.
Any thoughts or help is most welcome.

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Re: Monza front wheel asssembly

Postby Jordan » Tue Mar 13, 2018 11:09 pm

It's normal to have a small gap with this design, common on Italian bikes.
The tightening sequence:
Install axle, tighten axle nut then loosen again.
Apply brake lever to centralise shoes. While holding brake lever, tighten axle nut finally.
Sit on bike, off stands. Bounce the front forks up and down a few times with the right side fork leg bottom axle clamping bolt/nut loose, to allow the fork leg to move to its natural position that ensures best parallelism of fork tubes.
Tighten the clamping bolt/nut.

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Re: Monza front wheel asssembly

Postby ducwiz » Tue Mar 13, 2018 11:22 pm


This page from the spares cat. shows the arrangement of all inner parts.
Your issue with that "gap" kind of puzzles me. Maybe you didn't follow the right sequence for assembly:

- put wheel between fork legs
- insert axle
- push axle together with wheel against the left fork leg
- tighten axle nut
- finally tighten axle clamp bolt on r/h side forg leg

Btw, I found the axle thread given in the catalog: M12x1.25, significantly smaller than on my 350D. In turn, the torque must be definetely below 10Nm. Hopefully, you did not overtighten ..

EDIT: Jordan's description is the more elaborate, so the better one, you should attend his recommendations.


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Re: Monza front wheel asssembly

Postby Medoro » Wed Mar 14, 2018 3:19 am

Well I think I got it figured out.
The large shoulder on the "T" side of the axle is coming up against the speedo side end plate and pushing it toward the brake side creating the gap between the inside of the fork leg and the speedo end plate. Nothing I can do about that and I can live with it.
Thank you guys for the info and the process to get it all back together the right way.
I trust everybody else knows that the speedo drive gear is shown on that diagram 180 degrees out. It should be turned 180 with the gear teeth toward the speedo end plate.
I had it the right way, doubted myself, checked the parts diagram, cursed, took it apart, reversed it, reassembled it only to find it would not go together at all, reversed it again and all was fine. Then I hit the gap issue and off came the wheel again...I may start to drink a lot !
This is going at glacial speed and I don't even know if it runs yet.
Keep you posted.

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